There are many reasons to love beans as much as we do here at Beany HQ! Fava beans, or more commonly known as broad beans, are our preferred choice for the perfect dip.

Originally, the inspiration behind our product was actually hummus. We started product development using chickpeas, imported from places like Russia and Canada. However, the more we imported, the more we questioned our choice…

Why not use British beans instead?

One of the main values of the Bean Team is to continue to champion British produce, and British farming. All the fava beans we use are grown in the UK, then dried split and skinned at Hodmedods. Check out their website if you fancy getting some of your own! Then, we whizz the beans up with our very own cold pressed rapeseed oil which is all grown, bottled and pressed on our farm here in Yorkshire.

Fava beans contain a wide range of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All of which are vital for your health. Below are a number of nutritionally based reasons as to why you should choose beans:

  • Fava beans provide you with the all the protein and energy you need to be “full of beans”


  • They have twice as much dietary fibre than chickpeas. Fibre is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system and lowering your cholesterol levels.


  • A fava bean has over four times less total fat than a chickpea!


  • Beans are an excellent source of folate, which is hugely beneficial for the nervous system, energy metabolism and during pregnancy.


  • Fava is one of the highest plant sources of potassium, which is great for looking after your blood pressure.


  • They also have twice as much calcium as chickpeas – essential for healthy bones


  • Beans continue to be one of the finest sources of minerals, like iron, copper and manganese.


  • Not to mention that all our products are vegan friendly and gluten free!



So, what’s not to love?




The Bean Team xox



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