Mixed fava bean dip selection (3 dips)


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Where it all started! We still make our Fava Bean Dips on our family farm in Yorkshire.

For our ‘Original’ we keep things simple, just British fava beans blended with cold-pressed rapeseed oil and a squeeze of lemon.

For the ‘Pea and Mint’ we have added fresh peas and mint alongside the fava beans, rapeseed oil and lemon. The result? A zingy, fresh, go-out-and-dance-in-the-fields dip.

For our ‘Smoked’ we gently oak smoke the cold-pressed rapeseed oil first, before blitzing with British fava beans and a squeeze of lemon. It adds that touch of ‘fire-outside-on-a-summer-evening’. 

It’s not a hummus, it’s not a salsa, it’s a Fava Bean Dip and we’re really rather proud of it.

 Go on, get dipping!

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a British fava bean field in flower, sunny and warm with pods growing on the plant


Fava beans might sound exotic, but they’re actually one of the UK’s oldest domesticated food crops – we’ve been growing and eating them here since the Iron Age. Fava bean plants - or Vicia Faba to give them their official name - belong to the pea and bean family. In the UK, we export thousands and thousands of them a year and import chickpeas instead. We’re trying to change that, in an effort to get more of you lot eating British grains and pulses!

They’re also a prized crop for farmers because of their amazing nitrogen fixing properties - great for soil health.

Yes – and some! Fava beans are incredibly nutritious for their tiny size, boasting high levels of protein, iron, fibre and just about everything good. Here are some facts that will make you want to eat more beans:

Fava beans pack a protein punch with around 8g of protein per 100g of beans

Fava beans are a rich source of dietary fibre (66% per100g RDA), which has been shown to decrease blood cholesterol levels

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