Our Story

zoe and adam standing in a field on the farm. laughing. Yorkshire farm. Siblings

Upon taking over the family farm aged 19, Adam was determined to find sustainable, innovative ways in which to diversify. Little did he know the answer would be just over the hedge in his neighbour’s field.

Adam teamed up with his sister Zoe to launch The Honest Bean Co with the simple aim of making delicious, different things out of fava beans.

The more they learnt about the mighty little fava, the more they were wowed. Packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and hugely sustainable to grow, fava beans were clearly a genuine superfood.

They have now launched their Fava Bean Dips and Roasted Fava Bean Snacks which can be found from Exeter to Aberdeen.

The more they learn, the more ideas they come up with and the more determined they are to tell EVERYONE about British fava beans…


a British fava bean field in flower, sunny and warm with pods growing on the plant

Fava beans might sound exotic, but they’re actually one of the UK’s oldest domesticated food crops – we’ve been growing and eating them here since the Iron Age. 

Although fava beans are still very popular in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African cuisine, they began to fall out of fashion in the UK around the time of the Agricultural revolution and people began to label pulses as the food of the poor. 

Modern awareness of health and climate change has begun to slowly to change that though, and the fava bean is firmly back on the British menu. Fava beans are a sustainable form of plant based protein and their low food miles means that they are much more environmentally friendly than other pulses such as chickpeas (which are mainly imported). They are also a prized crop for farmers because of their amazing nitrogen fixing properties – making them great for soil health.

Winner winner, beans for dinner.

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