Why Fava Beans?

We're dedicated to the humble British fava bean, but you may wonder why. Read on to discover why we love them quite so much...

Packed with protein

Beans are the one of the best sources of plant protein out there, and our small but mighty fava beans are no exception. With a whopping 10g of protein in every 40g serving of our beans, they leave other snacks standing.

Protein is a hugely important part of any balanced diet. It’s key to maintaining all types of body tissue, especially muscle, but because our bodies don’t store it, the challenge can be ensuring a decent intake in an everyday diet. And those following a vegan or vegetarian diet are often searching for ways of getting more plant-based protein into their diet.
That’s where our little beans come in!

Our beans are the perfect way to boost that protein intake. Athlete, or no athlete!

Did you know - There’s a whopping 10g of protein in every 40g serving of our beans!

Full of fibre.

In addition to the proven life-saving health benefits of fibre, prebiotic fibre (which beans are packed with), takes fibre to the next level.

Prebiotics are the unique (and essential) food needed to feed healthy gut bacteria, nourishing them and helping them to grow and flourish – ultimately creating a happier, healthier gut microbiome. Prebiotics are scientifically proven to support weight management, mood, sleep, energy and system function.

The best ways to increase your fibre intake are ‘eating the rainbow’ of fresh fruit and vegetables, and incorporating whole foods, such as brown rice, oatmeal and legumes (and our fava bean snacks, of course!)

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Our beans are full of fibre, Keeping you fuller for longer and avoiding horrid sugar spikes.

Our fava beans being combined on our farm on the Yorkshire Wolds

Low food miles.

Forget importing nuts or chickpeas, all of our beans are grown right here in British soil.

We only use 100% British beans, which means minimal food miles and a smaller carbon footprint.
It also means we get to support our British farmers and food producers, which is really important to us as farmers ourselves.

Did you know that pulses use soil bacteria to take the nitrogen from the air. It’s a natural process called ‘nitrogen fixing’, and this reduces the need for nitrogen fertilisers in pulses crops. This results in pulses using half the energy inputs of other crops, giving them an even lower carbon footprint than other foods. Magic beans.

Did you know - fava beans are an ancient crop and have been grown here in the UK since the iron age!

Soil Saviours.

Fava beans fix nitrogen, meaning healthier soil and less fertilisers. Back to that magic nitrogen fixing!

Plants draws nitrogen from the air and convert it into a form that can be stored in their roots. Legume plants like fava beans do this with the help of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that live on their root nodules.

While the plant is growing, it holds the converted nitrogen in its roots. But as soon as the plant dies, it’s released into the soil. It can now be used by other plants. Nitrogen is essential for plant growth, so nitrogen fixers are hugely helpful to farmers like us, and gardeners alike.

By adding more nitrogen to the soil than they take out, fava beans not only enrich the soil - they also eliminate the need for artificial fertilisers, making them a hugely sustainable crop to grow.

Both of our staple ingredients (oil and beans) are grown and processed in the UK, which is why our snacks make a delicious and sustainable choice. Little powerhouses.