Usually I would never dream of changing my diet to be completely plant based for a week. But recently, since we launched The Honest Bean Co, I’ve been doing loads of research on veganism and the benefits of a plant-based diet – mainly because our dip is 100% vegan friendly, and I wanted to understand more.

Also, it’s kind of a challenge; I wanted to prove to myself that if I wanted to go plant based, I could!

I was excited about changing my diet, primarily because it was such a great opportunity to be creative and try new things. The plan was to mess around with new recipe ideas for the dip – which are coming soon! – and also to explore the ‘free from’ section of the supermarket, which is somewhere I’d never really think to go during my weekly shop.

For anyone that’s considering going plant based, or trying it for the week like me, I definitely recommend trying everything available in the supermarkets that’s a reasonable price. Otherwise, your shop can get quite pricey quite quickly!

Here are some of my personal faves:

  • Linda McCartney’s Vegan range was perfect for me. Purely because I found it difficult to make the transition to a completely vegan diet. Products like vegan sausages were great – they sort of resembled a ‘meaty’ texture, and suppressed any craving for meat for a while.


  • Cauldron foods also produce a vegan range. Their falafel is so good, especially with our dip and some pickled beetroot on the side! Check their website out for some inso for different vegan and vegetarian recipes.

By day 4 and 5, I was definitely struggling without dairy products. Usually, I wouldn’t think twice about having milk in my tea or coffee and I had to go without it for a whole week! I started drinking black coffee at home and work. I love lattes, so I had to treat myself to a Starbucks or two with coconut milk (which I now actually prefer!).

My main inspiration for weekly meals was Deliciously Ella. Her website is ideal; she has so many easy, step-by-step recipes. My favourite recipe was a Vegan paella from her first book, which I made for my whole family. They all loved it and felt just as satisfied as they would have done if there had been seafood or meat in there.

After all 7 days, I actually felt much better within myself; less bloated and more energetic. I still eat meat now, just a lot less of it – only around twice a week for my main meal of the day. I’m also much more aware of what I’m putting into my body, after checking ingredients lists all week to check wether a product was vegan or not.

So – plant based challenge complete! To anyone that’s considering it, I definitely recommend giving it a go – you’d be surprised!


Beany love x x x

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