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The Best Of British

The Best Of British


With Brexit looming, backing British is becoming super important. The agricultural industry provides raw materials for the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, food and drink. It’s the backbone of the nation – maintaining 70% of the landscape and providing jobs for 3.8 million people!

With all that in mind, we can’t ignore that home-grown food will be at the heart of a post-Brexit Britain. So, now’s the time to understand exactly where your food comes from, how it gets there and to show a little love to the people that produced it. That’s why we decided to champion our favourite British food producers as our challenge; people that are genuinely passionate about what they do and make top quality products.


Below are a few of our favourite producers of British food and drink:

  • Puckett’s Pickles - Sarah at Puckett’s Pickles is a firm friend of ours. She makes delicious pickles, sauces and jams from the finest British ingredients.

  • Staal Smokehouse - Justin and Georgina make award-winning smoked fayre, just down the road. A family-run business that hand smokes delicious, British, artisan food.

  • Masons Yorkshire Gin - The Bean Team LOVE a gin and tonic, and it’s safe to say the Karl and Cathy Mason produce some of tastiest gin around - all made the Mason’s way.

  • Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses - Taking after their mum Judy, Caroline and Katie make award-winning, artisan cheese made in Yorkshire. What more do we need to say? Best known for their Yorkshire Blue and Harrogate Blue, this is our favourite cheese brand!

  • Yorkshire Pasta Company - Kathryn is making premium, artisan British pasta (all made in Yorkshire, too). We’ve just done made a great pesto pasta recipe with her best-selling fusilli. Check it out here.

  • Charlie and Ivy’s and Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil - We couldn’t forget about our sister brands! Making the finest, cold-pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil around. All grown and produced right here on the farm in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds.



British agriculture is at the very core of the Honest Bean Co. It all started in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds on the family-run farm, which began to cold crush rapeseed as part of farm diversification 11 years ago. 

If you aren’t familiar with rapeseed oil, it happens to be one of our main ingredients. With half the saturated fat of olive oil, you can use it to roast, bake or fry – but we use it to make the freshest fava bean snacks. The best thing about it, after the taste, is that it’s cold pressed and produced in Yorkshire – both of which more or less guarantee the best quality that we could possibly offer you (God’s own county, you know).

Both of our staple ingredients (oil and beans) are grown and processed in the UK, which is why our snacks make a delicious AND sustainable choice.