"Our mission - to stoke the UK’s appetite for British fava beans, wholesome snacking and sustainably grown food."

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Hello old bean

What do you get when you combine sustainable British farming with lip-smacking recipes? You get us, the Honest Bean Co.

For you, this means tasty snacks naturally loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

For British farmers like us, we get to proudly continue the fava crop tradition that began in the Iron Age. And for the planet, UK fava beans mean almost no carbon footprint and excellent soil health (fava beans replace more nitrogen than they take out).

We chose the name Honest Bean Co. because we’re utterly upfront about everything we do. Quite simply, we want you to enjoy these flavoursome fava bean snacks because they’re good for you, good for British farmers and good for our planet.

Roll over chickpeas. The bean is back.

Love and beans,

Adam & Zoe, founders and siblings

The people. The Farm. Time to get to know us.

its all about the beans...

I think you may have guessed by now that we REALLY love fava beans! If you're wondering why then click the link below to discover quite how amazing they are...

More about our beans

Our bean journey...

The Honest Bean Co is a creation of our founding sibling duo - Adam and Zoe.

It all started when Adam took over the family farm. He quickly recognised the need to diversify the business in order to make it more sustainable.

Adam began to explore whether he could create
houmous using cold-pressed rapeseed oil, that he was already being growing and pressing on the farm. He bought his first bag of chickpeas and began to experiment. But, he couldn't help wondering about the food miles he’d clock-up by importing chickpeas to produce houmous in the UK.

As a proud champion of British farming, his heart was in using sustainable, local ingredients in his products. If olive oil could be swapped for cold-pressed rapeseed oil, what if chickpeas could be swapped for something else too... Something with an equally big flavour, but with a smaller carbon footprint.

The answer came in the form of the fava bean. Delicious, sustainable and growing on a friend’s farm - just down the road. This was only the beginning...

The more Adam and Zoe learned about the mighty little fava bean, the more they were wowed. What else they could make with these magic beans they began to wonder, roasted fava beans?

In 2021, after a lot of hard work, product development and taste testing, the Honest Bean Co. Roasted Fava Bean snacks were launched, 4 flavour packed offerings (now 6!) hit the shelves, bringing the UK public something new, exciting, and delicious!

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