Katie Fisher GB Climber

Fuelled By Beans Talk Series - Katie Fisher

Fuelled By Beans Talk Series - Katie Fisher

This week, we managed to grab Katie Fisher for a quick chat to talk about all things climbing, and her love for fava beans!

Katie is a member of the GB Climbing Team, and was a Semi Finalist in the Youth World Leading Climbing Championships and came 2nd in the Junior British Bouldering Championships. Impressive, right?! In between a busy training schedule, she loves to fuel her body with the protein in our fava beans to keep her going.

So, how did you get into climbing? 

I first started to climb when I was 11, as we were looking for an exciting activity for my birthday party. 

Nice! What do you enjoy most about climbing? 

I love the challenge of climbing, as no matter how much you improve you can always still get stronger and better. 

What is your favourite flavour of our fava beans?

My favourite flavour of fava beans is Barbecue. I love the taste and they are great as a snack at any time of the day, especially after climbing as they are full of protein and fibre.

What has been your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience so far in climbing is reaching the semifinals of the Youth World Lead Climbing Championships in Dallas, Texas, in August 2022. It was amazing to represent Great Britain and to do so well. 

What is next for you and your journey? 

I’m now training virtually full time to try to continue with my national and international competition career, as well as learning to route set and potentially get into coaching other climbers. 


A big thanks to Katie for letting us chat to her! We know she's going to go far. Check out her instagram here.