Maya Thomas

Fuelled By Beans Talk Series - Maya Thomas

Fuelled By Beans Talk Series - Maya Thomas

Join us for the latest Fuelled By Beans Talk Series, where we're asking some of our favourite, inspirational people how their lives are #FuelledByBeans.

We asked Maya, a budding food and fitness enthusiast AND one of our most dedicated Bean Warriors, a few questions about her super busy, inspirational life. This girl has plenty on her plate - just starting out with her instagram platform, as well as juggling school life and wellness. Have a read on to find out how she really does it all, fuelled by fava beans!

You make the most amazing food and fitness videos on Instagram! How did you get into content creation?

After previously not having the best relationship with food I experienced a very hard time both mentally and physically! I used to view food in a negative way however after sometime I learnt it’s true value and the importance of nourishing and fuelling your body! Food gives you energy, helps you move and make memories. Nourishing it with what it needs is just an amazing feeling that will help you flourish from the inside out. And now, I create and share recipes and workouts to help you feel amazing and develop into the best version of yourself.

We love your home work outs. What do you enjoy most about fitness?

Moving your body is such an amazing thing! I don’t think people understand the importance of exercise, for me that can range from a brisk walk outdoors to a workout in my living room! Fitness truly frees your minds from the stress or worries in life. So that’s what I love the most about fitness, the endorphins released that leave you feeling positive and ready to accomplish the day ahead.

What do you love most about fava beans?

As I’ve learned over the past few years how important it is to nourish your body with the correct nutrients, I came across The Honest Bean Co's fava beans one day in the shop, full of fibre, protein and so much goodness and the minute I tasted them I knew I would be eating the whole bag. Also, with the busy life I have balancing, school, social life, recipes and workouts fava beans are the ideal snack to keep me energised throughout my day and the perfect post workout snack too.

Do you have any tips for anyone getting into fitness?

The biggest tip I could give to anyone is that slowly is the best way to get into fitness, choose things that interest you and things you enjoy. Don’t over complicate health and fitness, the media can make up all sort of nonsense so simply, stay active, stay hydrated and eat nutritious food. Don’t compare your journey to others because everyone is different, as long as you're travelling in the right direction your speed doesn’t matter.

What is the next for you and your journey?

I'm a very academically focused person who is dedicated and motivated to achieve the best results I can, so in my personal life achieving great GCSE results is a huge focus and goal I would love to achieve. I would also love to grow my Instagram account and create more recipes and more motivational videos for my followers in the hope that more people choose to live a healthy and nutritious life.


We can't wait to see what Maya does next - we know she's destined for big things! Make sure you check out her Instagram content here.

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