Tom Stephenson standing in field on a farm. smiling man. sunny day. British countryside, Yorkshire.

Meet Tom, our new team member!

Meet Tom, our new team member!

Meet Tom.

There’s been plenty going on behind the scenes at Bean HQ recently and the team has been growing… so we’re thrilled to introduce our new team member, Tom!

Tom is our Sales and Business Development Manager (fancy, we know). We asked him to answer a few random questions to get to know him a bit better. Here’s what he said…

What are your top favourite things ever?

In no particular order they have to be…

  1. Good food and drink. It doesn’t have to be anything high end, it’s more about time and place – a pizza with good friends, or a cold beer after a long day.

  2. Cycling! It’s just 100% the best way to travel, you don’t just go from A to B but also see everything in between.

  3. Finally, being out in the middle of nowhere. Something I only realised I loved so much after living in London for ages.

What would your death row meal be?

WOW that’s hard. So, I’d just make it up of courses from some of my favourite meals ever…

  1. Starter: Scotch bonnet chillis & pork fat on toast. I know, it doesn’t sound great but it’s one of my favourite dishes ever. A pub down the road from us when we lived in London always had it on as a snack and I just love the simplicity of it

  2. Main: A pie. Honestly, don’t mind what pie, as long as it’s a good one. If it’s possible to ship it in from Piecaramba! In Winchester (favourite pie shop) even better but not sure what the rules are on death row

  3. Dessert: Not a big dessert fan, so instead I’ll just have a big, sweet stout to drink if that’s ok. Brew York’s Tonkoko variations are a favourite and I’ll have the 10%-ish one because, well, I’m about to die.

What's your favourite thing about beans?

They’re the unnoticed hero. They’re never the star of the show, but always the amazing supporting actor. There’s so many types and nearly all of them can be used to make delicious things. 

What are your favourite Honest Bean products and why?

For me it’s the Chilli & Lemon Roasted Beans as they have just the right amount of chilli heat for me. Especially when cracked open with a decent beer.