Netflix and Snacks

Netflix and Snacks

Netflix and Snacks

Cheese and wine. Salt and pepper. Netflix and snacks.

Some things are just mean to be together so we thought we’d pick out some of our favourite Netflix watches and their perfect snack-based pairing.


Watch: James Acaster’s Repertoire

Snack on: Poppadom’s & all the dips

This is Bean Team Tom’s favourite stand up EVER. James Acaster is without doubt one of the funniest comedians around and this four-parter will make even the most serious smile.

James is well known for his love of poppadom’s (just listen to his Off Menu podcast with Ed Gamble) so this is a no-brainer go to snack pairing.


Watch: Sicario

Snack on: Tortilla Chips & Salsa

A bit of a step change from our last suggestion, Emily Blunt stars in the action thriller about an FBI agent attempting to tackle the Mexican Cartels whilst wrestling with her own moral compass. Maybe not a light Sunday night watch.

What could be a more suitable snack pairing than tortilla chips! Mr Freed make our favourites – add a homemade salsa, maybe some chipotle beans, and you’ve got a delicious snack fit for even Blunty herself.


Watch: The Iron Lady

Snack on: Pickled Eggs

A hugely controversial figure, and the UK’s FIRST EVER female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher certainly made an impact on the world. Meryl Streep, Olivia Coleman, Jim Broadbent…a serious cast come together in this 2011 film about her life.

Everyone has heard about her four hours a night sleep pattern, but most people probably don’t know that Thatcher ate on average 28 eggs a week. Strong stat, making pickled eggs the perfect, healthy egg snack pairing.


Watch: Dumplin’

Snack on: Dumplings

Aussie Danielle MacDonald is, as usual, on fire in this funny but poignant film about a very different mother and daughter learning to understand each other.

I mean, the snack pairing kind of does itself here. You could try and make some dumplings from scratch or grab some of these Itsu Gyoza from Sainsburys and save yourself three hours.


Watch: Everything else Netflix has to offer

Snack on: Our Roasted Fava Bean Snacks

We could’ve gone for Silence of the Lambs (one of the only films we know that reference fava beans) but, firstly, it’s not on Netflix, and secondly, it doesn’t exactly make you hungry.

And so, we’ll just suggest that our beans go with everything! The best thing is, whilst you’re watching and snacking you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re getting a good hit of plant-based protein at the same time.


Enjoy the binge!