Our Favourite Veggie Picnic Snacks

Our Favourite Veggie Picnic Snacks

Our Favourite Veggie Picnic Snacks

Just like that, the long, dark winter is over and we’re finally starting to get the odd visit from our mate the sun. With spring absolutely sprung and summer fast approaching it’s time to dig out the picnic blanket because there’s nothing quite like long, lazy, summer picnics.

If we’re honest, the Bean Team’s childhood memories of outdoor eating are rather meat heavy; sausage rolls, pork pies, ham sandwiches. But that all seems like a distant memory now as we pack our hampers full of more plant-based treats including a good handful of our Roasted Fava Bean Snacks.

Ahead of a team picnic out on the farm, we thought we’d chuck together some of our favourite veggie picnic snacks perfect for park visits, beach days or festival hampers…

Vegan Sausage Rolls

Alright, we’re still reminiscing here, but seriously nothing says picnic to us like a sausage roll. A simple, delicious snack that THANK GOD can be created without meat and enjoyed even more!

If you’re feeling lazy, you’ll be glad to hear Greggs still sell their much-adored vegan sausage roll but for those wanting to get floury, here are our two favourite recipes (also try crumbling some of our Lightly Salted beans onto the pastry before baking for an extra crunch):

Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Mushroom Rolls (We double the garlic because we’re crazy)

Exceedingly Vegan’s ‘Just Like Greggs’ Sausage Rolls (The miso paste in this recipe is genius!)

Homemade Dips

Pitta bread, crisps, bread sticks; pretty much everything is better after being dunked in a really good dip. Some of our favourites are…

Creative Salads

Yep, we’re a little bit obsessed with interesting salads at Honest Bean – so much so we’ve started a Salad Topper series coming up with new ideas every week.

Red beans, tofu, rice, those left over Chinese green beans from Friday’s takeaway; almost anything you can find in your kitchen can be chopped, dressed and turned into a delicious, quick vegetarian snack.

Keep an eye on our blog for new salad inspiration every week!

Of course, no Honest Bean picnic trip would be complete without a few bags of our Roasted Fava Bean Snacks.

Happy Picnicking from The Bean Team!