Samantha Kinghorn holding a microphone at an awards ceremony, award winning racer likes fava beans. Athletes love fava beans for protein content

Our award-winning, protein packed fava beans

Our award-winning, protein packed fava beans

You’ll often hear us shouting about British grown beans, sustainable farming methods and just how tasty a little fava bean can be. Getting more and more people talking about, and eating, fava beans is our mission but sometimes it’s hard for us to chat about everything we want to.

We’d hate to become bean bores.

And so, today, we just wanted to explore one of our little bean’s bountiful qualities…it’s super high protein content!

It seems like protein has become a bit of a buzzword. Every Tom, Dick and Snickers suddenly have a high-protein version of their product, supplement sales are at the highest they’ve ever been, it almost feels like we’ve forgotten there have always been foods naturally high in the stuff.

Protein is a hugely important part of any balanced diet. It’s key to maintaining all types of body tissue, especially muscle, but because our bodies don’t store it the challenge can be, especially for athletes, ensuring a decent intake in an everyday diet.

This is where our little beans come in!

Our Lightly Salted roasted fava bean snacks, for example, naturally provide a whopping 10g of protein per 40g pack and with only 159 calories. They fit in a gym bag, are free of any major allergens (sorry nuts) and are the perfect way to boost that protein intake.

Don’t believe us? We sent Double Paralympic medalist Samantha Kinghorn some for her time in Tokyo and she LOVED them. No wonder she's a 5 x world medalist AND a world record holder! Watch her review here:

Why have we chosen today to chat about protein? Well, because we have JUST LAUNCHED on award-winning online retailer and we’re pretty bloody excited about it! 

You can see the Honest Bean range here