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Where to grab your bag of fava beans?

Where to grab your bag of fava beans?

It's never bean easier to pick up a pack of our healthy fava snacks. With a large independent base that's still growing, plus our new larger retail listings, it's very likely you'll be able to find our fava's closer to home than you think! We're now available in the following locations:

Holland & Barrett

Find our Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar and Lightly Salted 40g on-the-go packs in over 400 Holland and Barrett stores.
Making a special trip? Check availability online before heading into store here.


All our products are available in Ocado. Just pick a slot that suits you and enjoy delivery straight to your door!

Shop our beans from Ocado here.

Booths Supermarkets

Booths stock our Lightly Salted and Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar snacks in our 300g share bags. Our favourite store is Windermere, or maybe Keswick. Or is it Kendal - that's a good one too.

Co-op stores

Grab a bag of Lightly Salted 40g beans in one of 22 stores located throughout Yorkshire. To find out exactly where you can find our fava beans, view the Co-op store stockists.


Shop our whole range of snacks in slightly larger quantities from Amazon. Prime members also enjoy speedy delivery as well...

Shop directly from The Honest Bean Co online

If the above options don't quite float your boat, you can always order online and get your beans from our farm, straight to your front door.

You can also enjoy a cheeky discount when you sign up to our newsletter.

Browse our collection and start shopping fava bean snacks. What a time to be a fava bean!