myth buster. the truth about lectins. do beans make you fart?

The truth about lectins

After a few years in the business, we’ve come to realise that there are many myths about beans and pulses that are not necessarily true. We’ve don...

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Full of british beans. Sign on door. Farm door. We grow beans

What is a sustainable diet?

Right now, our whole food system is not sustainable - we’re struggling to meet the needs of present population, which is growing a considerable ra...

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green door, bags of fava beans. Manicured nails holding matching snacks

The Best Of British

THE ‘B’ WORD With Brexit looming, backing British is becoming super important. The agricultural industry provides raw materials for the UK’s large...

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farm boots with fava bean snacks sat at green rustic door

Get outdoors more

Can you believe that the average Brit spends around 90% of their day indoors?! For that reason, we decided to challenge ourselves last week, and s...

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adam as a child. zoe as a baby. our story. our family

How it all started

Our founding duo, Adam Palmer and Zoe Palmer-Oates, discovered their passion for producing food whilst growing up on their grandfather's farm. Upo...

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